Apps to use on multiple devices

Step-by-step guides and detailed information on secure messaging apps for Android, iOS, Windows, Mac and Linux.

If you want the convenience of being able to move from one device to another and continue your chats where you left off, then there are only two apps that I feel have excellent quality and security. These are:


  • Has a nice clean, modern look, lots of features
  • Communicate with text, voice, video or group text chat
  • You can optionally set messages to automatically delete up to 4 weeks after delivery
  • You can login to the Wire website and chat from any computer
  • Has apps for iOS and Android, as well as desktop clients for MacOS, Windows and Linux.
  • Based in Switzerland (great privacy laws)
  • You need to provide an email or phone number to create an account. But this information is never given to any of your contacts.
  • On some small number of Android devices notifications are an issue. The Wire support page lists a number of possible solutions that require user intervention that other messenger apps don't seem to have. The Android app issue tracker consistently has notification bugs for Android opened.
Other features:
  • Send photos, videos, audio clips, files and location
  • Draw on a photo before sending it
  • Quote prior messages
  • Search for words in a chat
  • Mention other participants
  • Like a comment
  • Manually delete a message including from all participants' devices
  • Delivery and read receipts in individual chats
  • Up to 300 participants per group chat
  • Link previews
  • Pings
  • Contact verification through device fingerprint comparison
Install Wire


  • Communicate with text, voice and group text chat
  • All messages automatically delete up to 6 days after delivery
  • No personal information such as an email address or phone number is needed to create an account
  • Doesn't have as many features as other apps
  • Video chat is not available in the personal free version
  • The 6 day maximum retention period for messages may be too short if you like to be able to go back to old messages
  • Based in the USA, if you are worried about using something from a 5 eyes country
  • No web app. You must install the desktop application on work or public computers to chat. This may be an issue if you do not have permissions to install the application.
Other features:
  • Send photos, videos, audio clips, files and location
  • Search for words in a chat
  • Messages can be locked until you touch them to reveal text
  • Star a comment (only you see this)
  • Recall a message to delete it from all participants' devices
  • Up to 10 participants per group chat
  • Online status indicator
  • Contact verification through a recorded video
Install WickrMe

Did you change your mind? Do you want to use a messaging app on only one device? Then you can follow this guide:

Apps for use with one device